We are in the training, publication and translation business

A certified experienced team in Canada.

My Message

Inspiring the world with strategic coaching is our key message. This message is our life essence.
We have overcome all kinds of obstacles in our darkest periods through uncompromised determination.
We have learned the power of patience, using our past experiences to focus sharply on superior performance.
The strategy of continuous improvement is a never-ending process of raising the bar for quality, constantly.
You only limit yourself in denying the limitless luminous potentials of the best version of yourself. It is up to you to make the rest of your life the best. Always be a cut above the rest!
Thinking skills: think positively to get in touch with tomorrow now! Reaching with the stars starts with you!
Certified, Accredited Coach.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

– Jesse Doe


We were in the field of education, starting in secondary schools and ending up at high institutes and universities.

We educated ourselves before being engaged in educating the world.

We have an extended professional experience of 10 years in professional training and strategic coaching.

It is time to extend globally to inspire the world through the Internet!


Since the university’s nostalgic days of 20 years ago, we have been students at the school of hard knocks.

We were the leaders of educational cultural clubs, training societies, and initiatives of volunteering for community development.

Just as we made it academically, we aim to excel professionally.

Currently, the target is to stay leading in the coaching business for decades.

This field of positive impact strategizing in our life is a cherished value to pass on as our legacy to the coming generation.

It’s a kind of transactional and transformational leadership by example that we aim to foster in every single transaction.


As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Keynote, Mark has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of men and women, and altered the course of education throughout the country and across the world.


The world’s most important soft skills are the topics that we are focus on in our coaching business seminars, training sessions, webinars, e-book publications.
In the future, we are planning to include a selection of the most in-demand hard skills for professionals in the international market.

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